Where can I buy the NFTS token?

On June 5, we held our IDO on the following launchpads: BSCPad, Cyberfi Samurai, A2DAO and FlyBit. The starting price for the NFT STARS’ native token NFTS is $2. Now you can buy NFTS tokens on PancakeSwap and Uniswap and on CEXs Biki and Flybit.

How does DAO voting work on the platform?

Users will accrue NFTS for their activity on the platform. The points they receive will allow our users to vote on which works of art they would like to see included in NFT STARS' drops. This is a fair system and prevents large token holders from defining the outcome of votes.

What commissions does the platform have?

There are two types of commission on our platform: Regular accounts (2%) and Premium accounts (8%). These commissions are paid out of NFT sales. Our platform uses these commissions paid in ETH to buy back and burn NFTS tokens, helping the NFTS price to grow.

What wallet should I use with NFT STARS?

To create an account on the NFT STARS platform, you need to connect a MetaMask, Trust Wallet or WalletConnect wallet.

Do artists sign an agreement to create NFTs on the platform?

No, we are pro autonomy, paperwork only complicates the process.

What blockchains do you plan to connect to NFT STARS?

For now, the platform uses the Ethereum blockchain. We also plan on connecting to these blockchains: Huobi Eco Chain, Binance Smart Chain. We are also holding talks with representatives of other blockchain ecosystems.

What criteria do you use for choosing the artists?

Most artists are subject to DAO voting, i.e. token holders will decide which works should be listed for drops. Pre-moderation is also conducted by our team.

How do I sell my artwork in a drop?

All the artworks used for drops are hand-picked by our team. Please contact us via email if you have NFTs for drops and a large community. You can find out more details about NFT STARS drops in this guide.

Why is your platform better than other NFT platforms?

NFT STARS is not just a marketplace but an ecosystem that will become a game-changer in the NFT industry by placing the focus on quality rather than quantity.

We only list high quality art by talented artists who cater to high-paying buyers. On top of that, we offer features that cannot be found on other NFT platforms:

  • Collaborative projects between its artists by enabling joint NFT ownership. A group of artists can create an NFT as a team and the proceeds from its sale will be distributed among all the team members.

  • Fractional Trading

  • Gas-free NFT minting

  • All artwork is hand-picked by our team and community.

  • AR gallery

  • NFT radio

How much does it cost to create an NFT on the platform?

It costs nothing for the artists. You create the NFT on the front-end and it gets minted in the smart contract when the buyer purchases it, so the buyer pays the minting fee.

What does this yellow tick mean?

Premium accounts are marked with a yellow tick. All the details about its benefits and how to get it can be found below.

How do I get a Premium account?

To get a Premium account, you need to follow the steps for opening this type of account on our platform. A Premium account will give you the following advantages:

  • 3 NFTs from your collection will be displayed on our main page. (General account holders only have 1 random NFT displayed on our main page).

  • Your NFTs go to the top of the list.

  • You have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists to create more valuable NFTs together.

  • Special attention is given to your NFTs.

  • Your Premium status is seen by all users.

  • You get additional promotion on our social media. We can also design your own page to promote your artwork.

  • Consultation with a lawyer.

Users with a Premium account pay 8% commissions instead of the 2% charged to General users. These commissions will be used to buyback and burn NFTS tokens.

By opening a Premium account, you become a core contributor of our project as you will be contributing more to the reduction of the total supply of NFTS. If this is something you would like to have, a Premium account should satisfy your needs.

Why do I need a White Label solution?

This works well for businesses as it minimizes the expense of manufacturing the product and allows you to share production with another brand. Moreover, NFTS tokens are burned, which elevates its price.

How can I be sure that the NFT I bought isn't fake?

We run a thorough analysis of all works and prevent fake ones from appearing on our platform.

Can I resell an NFT bought from another marketplace on NFT STARS?

This feature will be available on NFT STARS soon. Users will see all the NFTs in their personal account on the NFT STARS platform. Note:- You will only see the NFTs that are deposited in the connected wallet. Users will be given the ability to list their NFTs for resale.

I'm new to NFT. Where can I ask for help with the promotion of my artwork?

You can upload your artworks to our platform and we will help you to create the NFT. In case you run into any trouble, our support team is there to assist you.

How many NFTs can I buy/sell per day?

There is no limit. The more activity you show, the more points you accrue, which can be used for voting.

Do I need to pass any verification steps to buy an NFT on your platform?

To buy NFTs, you just need to connect a MetaMask, Trust or WalletConnect wallet to the site and this will create your account on NFT STARS. Then you need to verify your account via Twitter.

What is royalty?

A royalty is a legally binding payment made to an individual or company for the ongoing use of their assets, intellectual or physical. Royalties are also paid to the owners of properties to compensate them when they license out their property to another party. To learn how royalty works on NFT STARS, please read this guide.

How can I take part in the NFT Mania Quest?

There are no quests scheduled right now but if we announce another quest, just follow the link: https://nftmaniaquest.com/en/. All you need to do is register for the game by filling in your email address. You don't need to pay any participation fees and you'll never have to.

Why is my account blocked?

NFT STARS reserves the right to block any account that violates any one of the rules explicitly listed in the NFT STARS Submission Guidelines. If you believe your account has been blocked by mistake and you can prove your works do not violate any of our policies, please contact the NFT STARS support team.

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