Multi-chain solution

One of the most important problems that many NFT buyers face is choosing a network to buy NFTs from. Ethereum was the pioneer and many popular tokens use the ERC-731 standard. The Ethereum platform has large commissions though, therefore, a number of users have chosen to switch to an alternative — Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Binance Smart Chain has significantly lower commission rates and is generally more convenient for many users. However, if you own BNB tokens and the asset you like is on Ethereum, you cannot buy this asset.

A multi-chain solves this problem.

With the help of multi-chain technology, you can buy NFTs both in the BSC and Ethereum ecosystems. In addition, the NFT STARS team plans to add Huobi ECO Chain. Thus, there is no need to exchange your ETH to BNB before buying the NFT you like. You just need to use our multi-chain.

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