NFT STARS Submission Guidelines

NFT STARS follows a strict submission policy. It's the only way to build trust within our community of collectors and protect the rights of our creators. As an NFT STARS artist, you are required to adhere to the policies outlined below.

Content Ownership

  • An artist must own or control the copyright to all content they upload onto the NFT STARS platform (e.g. visuals, music, etc.).

  • Artists must not upload anyone else’s copyrighted or otherwise proprietary work.

  • In case of a dispute, the artist must provide information and other materials that prove their right of ownership.

Proof of Uniqueness

  • The marketplace accepts related works in a series but artists must not make duplicates of the same NFT piece.

  • NFT STARS strives to provide its collectors with a unique selection of artwork. Thus, artists should not upload or try to sell an NFT that is presented on other NFT marketplaces at the same time. Artists should delete their artwork from other marketplaces if they want to present it on NFT STARS.


If an artist violates any one of the rules stated above, NFT STARS reserves the right to block their account without the possibility of recovery. Our team values the quality of service it provides and will not tolerate artists who violate this policy. NFT STARS also reserves the right to share information about artists in the media.

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