Management Features List

For artists

  • Gas-free. When minting their NFTs, artists pay no Gas. They are created in the front-end, not the back-end. The actual NFTs are only minted in the smart contract when they are sold and the buyer pays for the Gas.

  • An individual approach for every artist.

  • A personal page displaying the artist’s artwork, biography and vision.

  • NFT Pricing Scanner.

  • Collaboration opportunities. Our artists can collaborate on an art project together with other artists. Then they can mint the NFT and associate it with the wallet addresses of all participants. When the work is sold, all participating artists will get their share of the proceeds.

  • White Label solutions

  • A personal manager

  • Special NFTs listing

  • Free consultations with a lawyer

  • Ads and promotions on social media

For users and investors

  • Exclusive drops that are not available on other platforms

  • Ability to purchase NFTs through their phone, via the AR gallery

  • Initial NFT Offering, allowing them to farm tokens

  • Bonuses for using the NFTS token

  • Voting with NFTS

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