NFTS Token Use Cases

The NFTS token performs a number of functions, as follows:

Encouraging marketplace users. Platform users will receive NFTS rewards for being active on the platform, by buying and selling NFTs. The rewards will be paid in proportion to the volume of their sales and purchases during the previous week, taking the market price of the NFTS token into account. The distributed reward will be split between the buyer and the seller.

Rewards and airdrops. The NFTS token will be used as a distribution token in airdrops, contests and as a reward for the most active NFT creators.

Commission and status. Users will be offered two types of accounts for the sale and purchase of NFTs. The Premium account also provides a number of special services and features, such as higher commission, special listings, visible Premium account status, advertising of artwork on social networks, free consultations with a platform lawyer and support from a personal NFTS manager.

Discount system and token burning. When buying NFT artwork on NFT STARS, the user pays a commission of either 2% or 8% (depending on the account), which is later burned, reducing the total volume of tokens. This scheme increases the value of the NFTS token in the market, increasing its price and making it more attractive to investors. Also, users will receive discounts on the purchase of NFTs if they pay using NFTS tokens.

DAO voting system. NFTS holders are members of the platform's governance system and vote on updates and changes to the platform, as well as being given the opportunity to select artists, drops.

NFTS Mania Quest. NFTS tokens will be used in future NFT quests on NFT STARS. Token holders can participate in the NFTS Mania Quest. This is an entertaining project from NFT STARS whereby users must solve various NFT riddles to open chests containing up to $135,000 worth of prizes.

Token sale and listing on exchanges. NFTS token is listed on various exchanges where users can buy and sell it, determining the price of the token in the cryptocurrency market. Also, the NFTS token acts as an investment token during the token sale period. Farming of tokens. Users can farm NFTS tokens by participating in the Initial NFT Offering and purchasing a special NFT card.

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