How to buy NFTs on NFT STARS

NFT STARS is a unique NFT marketplace that puts quality before quantity. We care more about the quality of your creation than how many you have. Every NFT listed on our platform represents a piece of genuine art that reflects the artist’s originality.

All the works you see in artists’ collections are first previewed and approved by the NFT STARS team. In this way, we ensure that our quality-first approach is maintained. The marketplace also offers users an extensive list of features, making NFT STARS the most user-friendly NFT marketplace.

The NFTs listed on NFT STARS can feature in our drops. To learn more about them, read this guide.

How to buy an NFT

In order to use the NFT STARS platform, the user has to first create an account. Read this guide explaining how to do it.

1. Go to and click on MARKETPLACE.

2. Choose the NFT you want to buy. Under the NFT, you can see its title and price.

3. Click on the NFT to see its creator, the name of the collection, its price and purchase history. Click on BUY THE NFT to proceed the payment.

5. Agree with the NFT STARS’ terms of services by checking the box and click BUY.

6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

7. Congratulations! You have just bought an NFT. You can find it in the Collected section of your profile.

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