A guide to NFT STARS types of sales

NFT STARS offers artists and buyers the means to sell and buy NFTs on its platform, either through its marketplace or via a drop. In this guide, we will explain the difference between NFTs at a fixed price, NFT auctions and tell you all about drops.

What are NFTs at a fixed price?

Artists can add their NFTs to the NFT STARS marketplace and choose a fixed price for them. The quantity of NFT’s and their prices will be set by the artist. Anyone who pays the specified price will become the owner of the NFT. Check this guide to learn how to buy NFTs on the NFT STARS marketplace.

What is an auction?

NFT STARS auctions are sales in which NFTs are sold to the highest bidder. Both stars and premium users can sell their artwork through an auction.

The NFT STARS team and the artists determine the initial value of each NFT. In order to prevail in an auction, you will have to offer the highest bid. The bidder who makes the final bid wins the auction and the NFT is transferred to their wallet.

As well as the NFT, users can also receive other gifts, such as the physical copy of the purchased NFT or a meeting with the artist. All these details are covered in each lot's description.

All the auctions can be found on our main page (just for stars, no more than 3 auctions per day), on the auctions page and in our marketplace. All the NFTs featured in the auctions will be previewed by the NFT STARS team.

What are the NFT STARS drops?

An NFT STARS drop is an exclusive offer to sell NFTs. All NFTs sold in drops will be previewed by the NFT STARS team. Only stars and users with premium accounts who we extend a drop offer to will be able to sell their artwork in this way. The main criteria for making a drop offer to select artists are the artist’s talent and a large community.

During the drop, artists can sell their NFTs at a fixed price or through auction. Every drop for fixed price NFTs will consist of multiple reproductions of the artwork, each with its own NFT. Such a drop will continue until the last NFT is sold. NFT STARS will also auction some of the NFTs released on NFT STARS. Every auction will be time-limited.

You can find all the NFTs chosen for drops on our main page, on the drops page and in our marketplace. If you see a countdown in our marketplace, then the drop has not started yet. If you see the price, then the drop is ongoing. All previews of drops on the marketplace are highlighted in yellow.

Create NFTs and sell them on the NFT STARS marketplace! Check this guide to learn how to create an NFT on the platform.

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