What Galaxy Modificator Is and How to Upgrade Your NFT Hero

Only the Original Heroes are available for purchase since the rest are created using upgrade cards.

To upgrade to the Rare status, a user needs to buy 1 Rare upgrade card and have an Original NFT Hero. To become part of the Legendary squad, the user needs to collect 3 Legendary upgrade cards and have an Original NFT Hero.

The total supply of Rare upgrade cards is 1,000, costing 0.1 ETH each. The total supply of Legendary upgrade cards is 1,500 and their price tag is 0.2 ETH per card. Each upgrade card can be used only once. After the modification process, the user ends up with 2 NFTs - their Original NFT Hero and the upgraded, higher status one.

Higher rarity tokens entitle their holders to additional perks and boosted rewards.

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