NFT Mania

NFT Mania is a gaming platform through which we will integrate gamification into the NFT STARS ecosystem. NFT technology has largely embraced the gaming industry, so gaming will be an important element of the NFT STARS ecosystem. You can determine the potential of implementing gamification into our ecosystem by assessing NFT Mania Quest.

The NFT Mania Quest is one of NFT STARS’s quirky solutions. We organized this free entertainment event to acquaint our users with the NFT market and NFT STARS.

For users who entered the crypto world with an IT background, the tasks involved are well-known. Contestants need to solve several riddles to find the keywords that make up a seed phrase. This phrase opens the crypto wallets in which the rewards are stored.

Every riddle relates to NFT. Contestants can find a clue or even the answer contained somewhere in the artwork. The riddles are not too difficult but the exact word must be guessed correctly.

The first NFT Quest, consisting of three different quests, was completed successfully. Each quest required the solving of 12 riddles. The process was very simple: solve a riddle, guess the correct word, write it down, repeat this 12 times until all 12 keywords are found and used to sign into the treasure chest (wallet) that has the prize inside. The prize pool for this quest was $135,000, which was divided between three chests (wallets).

The first to access the wallet became the winner who claimed the prize. Besides the main quest, weekly stand-alone riddles were also presented (Side Quests). Participants had to guess the word correctly to win $50 each.

In future quests, NFTS will be used. How exactly? All will be revealed later.

NFT Mania Quest rules

1. The prizes included USDT and MILK2 NFT farming cards (MILK2 is the governance token of SpaceSwap, the project that created the NFT STARS platform). The cards and USDT prize money was sent to the winners' MetaMask wallets. After receiving a card, they would need to stake it in order to farm MILK2 tokens.

2. To get the rewards, a MetaMask wallet was required.

3. Synonyms would not work, so all variants needed to be tried when guessing/entering the answers.

4. To take part in the quest, applicants had to register for the game by entering their email address. No participation fees were (or ever will be) required.

5. In the event that a chest containing prizes remained unopened, that chest would stay on the website until someone managed to open it.

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