Token Allocation

Total supply: 20,000,000 NFTS

Marketplace mining: 45% (9,000,000) Vesting conditions: NFTS will be distributed to users in accordance with the sales volume (not more than 45,000 coins).

Core contributors: 16.25% (3,250,000) Three private rounds (A, B & C) for early contributors. This allocation is for participants who make a big contribution to the growth of the NFTS price. Vesting conditions: Within the first week of purchasing the tokens, the investor receives 5% of the capital they invested in the form of NFTS. Then in the subsequent 90 days, we unlock another 15.83% of their investment in NFTS tokens. The user will continue to receive 15.83% of their investment in NFTS every 90 days until the end of the 18-month period.

Community offer: 1.25% (250,000) One public round with a lockup period. Vesting conditions: Within the first week of purchasing the tokens, the investor receives 10% of their investment in the form of NFTS tokens. Once a month, we unlock a further 22.5% of their investment in NFTS until the end of the 4-month period.

Team: 15.5% (3,100,000) Vesting conditions: Full 6-month lockup period, after which the team starts receiving 100,000 tokens on a monthly basis (3,3% of the entire allocation).

Marketing activities: 12% (2,400,000) Marketing activities, influencers, advisers, vampire marketing. Vesting conditions: within a month of the public listing, the team is eligible to unlock the coins for performing marketing activities.

Airdrops: 6% (1,200,000) Airdrops with a vesting period of 2 months for SpaceSwap users and NFTS holders on the Ethereum network, with a claimable function for NFTS tokens. Vesting conditions: the team will decide on conducting airdrops during the development of the platform, but the tokens will be locked for several months.

Reserve fund: 2.5% (500,000) The reserve fund will be used in the event of an emergency. Vesting conditions: these decisions will be taken by the DAO.

‌DEX liquidity: 1.5% (300,000) A reserve fund of initial liquidity for DEX public listing. Vesting conditions: we unlock 100% in the first week to provide liquidity on DEXs.

NFT STARS IDO: June 5th 2021 on the following launchpads: BSCPad, Cyberfi Samurai, A2DAO and FlyBit. The starting price for the NFT STARS’ native token NFTS is $2.

As you can see, marketplace mining will take a long time. Building a fully diluted market will require 4 – 5 years.

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