NFT STARS Introduction

NFT STARS is a unique digital-art marketplace centered around the emerging NFT market. NFT STARS offers a set of unique technological solutions that make the NFT market easy and accessible for artists and art collectors.

NFT STARS stands for the value of art and is always ready to support veritable creators. Our priority is quality, not quantity. We encourage artists from all over the world to showcase their unique, artistic creations to the world so that they can gain recognition in the NFT and digital-art markets.

This art-first approach will set NFT STARS apart from its competitors who do not distinguish between trivia and items with true artistic value.

The problems investors face:

  • Too many mediocre art pieces to choose from

  • Inability to buy fractions of art pieces

  • Lack of clarity in NFT valuation

The problems artists face:

  • Hard to stand out among the plethora of commonplace artwork

  • Hard to set the right price for their creations

  • Technical complexity of NFTs

  • Identity loss: sharing without losing their identity

  • High gas fees

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