Completed milestones

  • ‌Chosen concept

  • Multi-language platform

  • Ability to sell any NFTs

  • Structured design & visualisation

  • Technical implementation of the 1st version

  • Social Media Management (over 500 applications received from artists)

  • NFT Mania Quest: the first quest ever with NFTs

  • Integration with OpenSea

  • Implementation of auctions and bidding

Future milestones

  • Fractional Trading and minting

  • Integration of BSC and HECO

  • Rewards in the native token

  • Decentralizing NFTs: the community will choose which works to feature on NFT STARS via DAO voting

  • Initial NFT Offering (issue of a farming NFT token with different rounds for investors and farms)

  • AR mobile application

  • NFT Pricing Scanner

  • NFT Radio station

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