How to get MILK2 for NFTS tokens

As you may already know, the NFTS token will play a major role in the NFT STARS ecosystem.

This governance token will be the fuel that powers the DAO NFT community (for voting and selecting artists).

Moreover, owning a certain amount of NFTS tokens ensures your eligibility for NFT discounts.

See all the benefits of owning the NFTS token in our detailed GitBook pages.

You can buy and sell NFTS too. But that’s not all. You can also get MILK2, SpaceSwap’s native token, for NFTS!

NFT STARS is one of SpaceSwap’s sister projects. The development team supports this promising new NFT project all the way and has developed an easy-to-use ecosystem in which artists and users can both gain mutual profit and joy.

What is SpaceSwap?

SpaceSwap is a unique aggregator that aims to unite the most popular DeFi protocols in a one-stop-station. Starting out as a classic yield-farming service in September 2020, the platform raised itself to a whole new level when it invented Shadow Staking/Farming technology - a revolutionary solution that enables users to stake LP tokens without ever removing them from their wallets, using a one time contract interaction. Safe, fast, cheap.

What is MILK2?

MILK2 is the native token of the SpaceSwap platform. You can earn this coin by participating in the Interstellar pools on the official SpaceSwap site. Now, you can do it on the BSC network too, with the help of the NFTS token!

MILK2 is distributed according to the multiplier scheme provided by the SpaceSwap voting system.

How to get MILK2 for NFTS tokens

1. Install a crypto wallet.

2. Go to PancakeSwap to buy NFTS.

3. Here you’ll see a notification about accepting all the details. Click ‘I accept’ and ‘Import’.

4. Click on ‘Connect’ to connect your wallet.

5. Choose the wallet you’ve already installed.

6. Make sure you’ve switched the network to BSC.

7. To attach your wallet to Binance Smart Chain,

open your wallet and go to the ‘Settings’ menu.

8. Choose the ‘Networks’ section.

9. Click on ‘Add network’.

10. Fill in the form according to the data given below:

Main BSC

Name of the chain: Smart Chain


ID of the chain: 56

Symbol: BNB

URL block explorer:

11. Now you can choose Binance Smart Chain by switching the chain in the section above.

12. Choose the number of wallets you want to swap.

13. Click on the ‘Swap’ button.

14. Wait for confirmation and check all the details in the pop-up window carefully.

15. Confirm the swap in your wallet.

16. You will get a notification about the submitted transaction.

17. Now go to the SpaceSwap official site.

18. To get the LP tokens, you need to stake NFTS with MILK2 or BNB.

NB! ​​Liquidity Pools are a development of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that facilitates trading on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and provides liquidity by collecting funds locked in a smart contract.

19. Go to the SpaceSwap Interstellar page on BSC.

20. Click on ‘Add Liquidity’.

21. Choose the correct amount of NFTS and MILK2/BNB, then click on ‘Approve NFTS’.

22. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

23. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, you can click on ‘Supply’.

24. Check all the details carefully before confirming the supply.

25. Confirm the supply in your wallet.

26. Check the number of LPs in the pool below.

27. Now go to the SpaceSwap Interstellar section again and check on your easily earned LPs.

28. Go back to PancakeSwap and open the ‘Liquidity’ section. Here you’ll see your staked coins and the pool you’ve chosen.

That’s it! We hope this manual helps you earn a cool profit and makes your investment experience as comfortable as possible.

The NFT STARS team wishes you all the best and happy investments!

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