Technical Features List

NFT STARS’ NFT marketplace accumulates a set of features and products that provide artists, digital art lovers, startup founders and investors with unique opportunities. The platform also enables NFT liquidity flow on multiple blockchains.

Careful selection

Artists featured in the auctions first go through the executive board’s screening process, after which the active users of the platform participate in their own selection process. That way, the auction isn’t flooded with creators speculating on the growing interest — each creator is the true star.

Collaborative NFT creation

The platform facilitates collaborative projects between its artists and enables joint NFT ownership. A group of artists can create an NFT as a team and the proceeds from its sale will be distributed among all the team members.

To bring art closer to the audience, NFT STARS allows artists to create their own personalized 3D gallery that can be viewed on a smartphone screen. The galleries are powered by AR technology and enable users to ‘walk’ through our artists’ exhibitions, displaying their best works, from the comfort of their homes.

White Label solution

A ‘white label’ is a type of partnership in which a brand creates a product that is later sold under another brand.

With the advent of NFTs, many trade brands began rolling out their own NFT marketplaces. But the development of a platform to sell NFTs requires large costs, effort and time. White labels are used to solve this problem.

The NFT market has expanded its capabilities for many industries and users. The NFT STARS platform provides a white label solution for various companies. NFT STARS has developed a back-end that various companies and brands may use for a fee.

The back-end refers to the databases and servers that buyers cannot see on the site or in the application, including the interaction with the server. It is the base that is needed to develop the brand’s marketplace. The front-end is developed separately and in accordance with the brand's needs.

White Label key features

The NFT STARS platform offers brands everything they need to develop their own NFT platform. Thanks to our specialized back-end, the creation of an NFT marketplace becomes more accessible for the following reasons:

  • The NFT STARS platform provides a ready-made set of tools, codes and functions, as well as a hardware package, saving time spent on development.

  • The brand does not need to manufacture the product on its own, thereby significantly reducing its financial costs.

  • A quick start in the NFT market and a high-quality product will attract a larger number of customers, increasing the brand's income.

  • The brand does not need a large development team for a long period to work on developing the front-end.

Thanks to the professionalism of the NFT STARS team, the interface of each brand will be fine tuned to the needs and specific demands of the brand. The team takes into account all the client’s requirements and can help with the launch of a unique marketplace in the NFT market. This solution allows users to freely buy and sell branded NFTs and manage their assets on the platform.

NFT Pricing Scanner

If an artist is new to the NFT space and is struggling to put a price on their artwork, NFT STARS can run the NFT Pricing Scanner which analyzes works in other marketplaces. It goes through art that is similar by theme and style, providing artists with a suitable price guide.

Fractional Trading and user inclusion

Users are a big part of the platform’s operations and development. With the NFTS token, art lovers are eligible for NFT discounts, platform liquidity mining and other extras. NFTS holders can buy works of art with their tokens and participate in platform governance. Active participants will be rewarded with tokens and will be included in the artist selection process. NFT STARS opens the NFT world to everyone. Users who have been priced out of the market can now participate in Fractional NFT Trading and even add high price-tag works from the biggest names to their collection.

Initial NFT Offering

For startup founders, NFT STARS offers a way to kick-start their success stories through an Initial NFT Offering, which is a brand new type of offering that leverages the strongest elements of NFT technology. A startup goes through two rounds of funding, whereby users purchase NFTs to farm project tokens. NFTS holders have a number of advantages when participating in the Initial NFT Offering.

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