NFT Market Problems


The rapidly growing market quickly attracted masses of people all trying to make a profit off the NFT craze at the start of 2021. They flooded the market with mediocre works, trying to pass them off as ‘artwork’ on various NFT marketplaces. Thus, it became increasingly hard for true artists to stand out and get their art noticed by the public.

Likewise, it became harder for investors to find valuable creations because of the need to sift through a market saturated by a mass of third-rate items.

Technological burden

The technological complexity of NFTs is something that restricts many good artists when attempting to make their way into the NFT market.

Setting the price

The novelty of the NFT market presents a big problem when trying to set the right price tag for each individual work of art. Artists become puzzled when trying to set a price for their creations in the NFT market because there is very little association between NFT prices and the assets they represent.

Restrictively high prices

The high price tags of numerous veritable creations restrict many investors from investing their capital in NFTs.

NFT STARS aims to bring clarity to the NFT space by helping genuine artists stand out from the crowd. Our team hand-picks every artist that is featured on NFT STARS and presents their art collections to a crowd of interested buyers.

We provide artists with useful tools and solutions that will help them to create and sell their own NFTs. We also help with promotional activities and increasing public awareness through outside social platforms.

Our NFT Pricing Scanner enables artists to auto-compare their works with similar-looking ones to help them determine an appropriate price tag for their artwork.

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